El Capitan District Honored

Good day El Capitan,

It is my pleasure to share with you that for the year 2014 we earned 2nd Place for the most Unit Visits by Unit Commissioners, 2nd Place for the most Trained Leaders, and 2nd Place for the Highest Youth Protection Percentage. Additionally, Tung Nguyen, pictured below, earned his Doctorate Degree from the Commissioner College and received the Distinguished Commissioner Award for the El Capitan District. Commissioner of the Year for El Capitan District was Michael Mannix.

I know you are excited about the awards we received. It is impressive by them selves. But putting them in prospective, we were very low in the number of Unit Visits by Commissioners. That means the other eleven District were even lower. We can do a better job of recording our Unit Visits and have an outstanding representation of the good Commissioners can do to help Units earn their Journey to Excellence Award, have On Time Rechartering, improve our Roundtable attendance, and recruit more Unit Commissioners to reduce or Unit Ratio. As for Trained Leaders, 1st Place was 43.1%, 2nd Place was 38.8% and 3rd Place was 38.0%. Our Scouts deserve trained leaders. If you are not trained in your BSA Registered Position, please look on the El Capitan District Website and schedule yourself to be trained.

Speaking of training, the National Office has set a goal to have all Tiger, Wolf/Bear, and Webelos/Arrow of Light Den Leaders trained before Recharter for 2016. We are pleased to say that only a small percentage of Den Leaders have not been trained. You may now, effective 10/26/2015 go online to take the Den Leader's 22 modules, the Member of the Pack Committee's 22 modules, and the Cubmaster's 26 modules. However, in total there are only 30 modules for all of Cub Scout Leader Training. Many of the modules apply to all three categories. To take the online training go to my.scouting.org, sign in, Home, My Dashboard, Training Center, Cub Scouting, Den Leader Position - Specific Training, Take Course, pick the Tiger or Den Leader or Webelos they are all the same training modules. This online training will take you a few hours, but you will learn a wealth of information that will allow you to be a more effective Den Leader, Cubmaster, and or Pack Committee Member. If you have issues with doing this training online, please sent me an email and we will find a way together to solve the problem.

Yours in Scouting,
Michael Mannix
El Capitan District

District Positons

There are still district positions available! If you would like to nominating candidates or to apply for the open positions on the Commissioner and Program Staff please contact Jorge. With your help, we can lighten the load on the current staff and improve our support of the Units within our District. Please bring your nominations to Roundtable or e-mail them to jorger@ocbsa.org.

Recent District Newsletters


Older newsletters may be downloaded from the Newsletters link in the menu at the top of the page.

Are You Trained For Your Position?

Trained leaders is a requirement of the BSA. Your Unit Commissioner will contact you to help you get trained. We have 43 Scoutmasters and Assistant Scoutmasters that are missing either Boy Scout leader or Introduction to Outdoor Leadership Skills training. We have the training you need scheduled, see attached Newsletter for dates. Contact Greg Dubois, 714-939-7381, gdubois@socal.rr.com to help you get trained. We just completed the Boy Scout Leader training, but only 3 El Capitan members took the training. Additionally we have many Pack and Troop Unit Committee and COR that need training too. Again, your Unit Commissioner has the names of those in your Unit that need this training, and they will be in contact with you to help you receive this very informative training. If you are trained, earn your Training Award and Knot. Go to www.ocbsa.org Leadership and Development Training > Leadership and Training Awards and print the applicable award / training, fill it out, then make a copy of these record sheets for each one you qualify to earn and submit it to our Adult Training Award Chair. Currently that is Linh Terry.

Many of our top leaders (SM and CC) are not trained. Check your records. Expect a call from one of our friendly trainers if you're not trained. Check the OC website for Training Opportunities.

BSA eLearning Link - create an account and log in then you can take YPT, Fast Start and other BSA online training courses.

Cub Program Changes (June 1, 2015)

Greetings El Capitan District Cub Scout Leaders and Parents,

There are changes coming to the Cub Scout Program, below is information on the changes for your review. You can follow 4 easy steps to become familiar and knowledgeable about the changes.

Step 1: Please review New Program Overview powerpoint.

Step 2: Please review the Program Launch dates and make note of the effective change dates.

Step 3: Please print out a copy of the new program handout.

Step 4: Watch Video -

For further information and videos please go to http://www.scouting.org/Home/programupdates.aspx

Thank you!

Greg Dubois, El Capitan District Training Chair
OCBSA Risk Management Committee Member
El Capitan District Safety and Risk Management Chair
Committee Chairman, Pack/Troop/Crew 167

Online Tools

If you are looking for a great article explaining the online tools available to help scouters in their training, please check out What's the Difference between MyScouting.org and Scouting.org as suggested by our training chairman, Greg DuBois.

El Capitan Calendar of Events

The consolidated District calendar of events is available Microsoft Word Document Format (click to download). This is a great tool to allow your unit to know "what's going on" so that you can join in on District-wide events.

Last Revision: May 14, 2015

El Capitan District Facebook Group

Rub electronic shoulders with other members of the District, keep abreast of the most up-to-the-minute discussion, and take the opportunity to network with other Scouters by joining our Facebook Group.

If you still hase not joined the El Capitan Networking Facebook Group, please consider doing so. It is the best way to be in contact with fellow Scouters in the District, ask questions, bring news, post events in your Units or Community, post pictures, etc. This group was created to facilitate open, up and down communication among the adult leadership of El Capitan District's Cub Scout, Boy Scout, OA and Venture Crews. It is a place to ask questions, gain knowledge, make suggestions and promote what
your units are doing in Scouting.

El Capitan District Facebobok Group

Lutheran Camporee (September 25-27, 2015)

Crew 526 attended the Lutheran camporee on September 25-27 and won the following awards:

First place in Knot event, First Place in First Aid event, First Place in Ski race, First Place in Spiderweb event, First Place in Spirit, First Place on Patrol flag, Second Place in Bible, First Place in Campsite Insp, Second Place in Feeding the 5000(Cooking completion) and First Place overall.

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