Cub Day Camp (July 25-29)

Greetings Scouters, hope everyone is doing well. It is time to plan for Cubscout Daycamp. Please plan to get all of your scouts to day camp. It is beneficial for a whole den to attend as the camp will cover 29-33% of annual requirements, thus, the den leader has less to plan for. The boys get to do archery, bb gun, slingshot and axe throwing.


What are you waiting for? Let's go El Capitan!!!

When: 7/25-29, 3-8pm
Where: 3591 Orangewood Ave, Los Alamitos
Cost: $120 by 5/7 ($115 if you are JTE Gold)

Registration: (search for "Cub Day Camp")

General Info

Fully Trained (Training Link)

We often fall into the trap of calling a Scouter "fully trained" when he or she completes "basic" training. It leads some to think that they have done all of the training they can do.

Of course, no person is ever "fully trained." even the most tenured Scouter can learn something by attending or instructing a course. The Five Levels of the BSA Training Continuum discussed in the Guide to Leader Training provide a wealth of opportunities for a progression of learning for all of us to learn more about program, leadership, and other important skills. Do not fall into the trap of using the term "fully trained"! (

In January 2015 Orange County Council announced that this year they are requiring any registered leader to be fully trained for the position they hold. We absolutely hope to fully deliver the incredible program of Boy Scouts of America with fully prepared and trained volunteers. Being a trained leader has just become easier than ever with the majority of the required training on line at My.Scouting.Org. Units are required to have all registered leaders, trained for their registered position (this includes committee members) when re-charters are turned in at the end of this year 2015 for the charter year 2016.

The El Capitan District training team is hard at work identifying who still needs training in the district for their current assigned/registered positions, based on the current records from the council or national. Once the needs are clear the training team members will be contacting the unit commissioners, unit committee chairs and in some cases contacting individuals directly to let them know what training they need. They then can work together to either update the records or direct them to the appropriate training. If you know who already needs training go to or send them to MyScouting.Org and/or the El Capitan district website as the winter training dates have been posted for January and February and sign up. You can also request training based on your unit or individual needs from the district training team if it's not already offered by going through one of the avenues below.

Training Reference Links

Training Code Definitions
Leader training Requirements
What makes a trained leader Trained Leader Model
National Training Updates National Training Updates

Greg Dubois, El Capitan District Training Chair
El Capitan District Safety and Risk Management Chair
Member OCC BSA Risk Management Committee
Committee Chairman, Pack/Troop/Crew 167

El Capitan District Facebook Group

Rub electronic shoulders with other members of the District, keep abreast of the most up-to-the-minute discussion, and take the opportunity to network with other Scouters by joining our Facebook Group.

If you still hase not joined the El Capitan Networking Facebook Group, please consider doing so. It is the best way to be in contact with fellow Scouters in the District, ask questions, bring news, post events in your Units or Community, post pictures, etc. This group was created to facilitate open, up and down communication among the adult leadership of El Capitan District's Cub Scout, Boy Scout, OA and Venture Crews. It is a place to ask questions, gain knowledge, make suggestions and promote what
your units are doing in Scouting.

El Capitan District Facebobok Group

Online Tools

If you are looking for a great article explaining the online tools available to help scouters in their training, please check out What's the Difference between and as suggested by our training chairman, Greg DuBois.

Journey to Excellence

We encourage all units to strive for Scouting success by use of the Journey to Excellence program to make sure your unit is doing everything it needs to do in order to be an exciting, thriving unit. Please check out this Scouting Magazine Article for ways JTE can help your unit.

Scouting Reads

Scouting Magazine Online
Boys' Life Online

Camp Card (Scout-O-Rama) Sales

Units PLEASE register online at to indicate your Unit's participation in this year's Scout-O-Rama Camp Card Sales. After each training, Camp cards will be distributed in the order of arrival based on the sign-in sheet (so arrive on time). It is important for Units to register online.

Return Policy:
Units can return ANY Camp Cards checked-out without penalty. Unreturned Camp Cards will be charged to Unit at $10.00/card (including lost cards).

Units completing the following will receive an additional $.50 per Camp Card sold
* Attend Camp Card training on either March 1st or March 5th
* Provide your Camp Card Plan to by March 5th
* Turn in all money and all remaining Camp Cards by May 11, 2016

Units are eligible to earn an extra $.75 Commission on sale amounts over the 2015 total amount sold. How does this work? If a unit sold 100 Cards last year and 150 Cards this year, 100 cards will be at regular commission based on plan and 50 Cards will be at $.75 commission. For units that didn'’'t sell Camp Cards last year, you can still earn $.75 commission on any amount over 100 Cards.

Thank you!


Elsa Torres
(714) 858-3585

District Positons

There are still district positions available! If you would like to nominating candidates or to apply for the open positions on the Commissioner and Program Staff please contact Jorge. With your help, we can lighten the load on the current staff and improve our support of the Units within our District. Please bring your nominations to Roundtable or e-mail them to

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