Greetings El Capitan District Unit Leaders

Fully Trained

We often fall into the trap of calling a Scouter "fully trained" when he or she completes "basic" training. It leads some to think that they have done all of the training they can do.

Of course, no person is ever "fully trained." even the most tenured Scouter can learn something by attending or instructing a course. The Five Levels of the BSA Training Continuum discussed in the Guide to Leader Training provide a wealth of opportunities for a progression of learning for all of us to learn more about program, leadership, and other important skills. Do not fall into the trap of using the term "fully trained"! (

In January 2015 Orange County Council announced that this year they are requiring any registered leader to be fully trained for the position they hold. We absolutely hope to fully deliver the incredible program of Boy Scouts of America with fully prepared and trained volunteers. Being a trained leader has just become easier than ever with the majority of the required training on line at My.Scouting.Org. Units are required to have all registered leaders, trained for their registered position (this includes committee members) when re-charters are turned in at the end of this year 2015 for the charter year 2016.

The El Capitan District training team is hard at work identifying who still needs training in the district for their current assigned/registered positions, based on the current records from the council or national. Once the needs are clear the training team members will be contacting the unit commissioners, unit committee chairs and in some cases contacting individuals directly to let them know what training they need. They then can work together to either update the records or direct them to the appropriate training. If you know who already needs training go to or send them to MyScouting.Org and/or the El Capitan district website as the winter training dates have been posted for January and February and sign up. You can also request training based on your unit or individual needs from the district training team if it's not already offered by going through one of the avenues below.

Training Reference Links

Training Code Definitions
Leader training Requirements
What makes a trained leader Trained Leader Model
National Training Updates National Training Updates

Greg Dubois, El Capitan District Training Chair
El Capitan District Safety and Risk Management Chair
Member OCC BSA Risk Management Committee
Committee Chairman, Pack/Troop/Crew 167

Next Training Dates

Leader Specific Training

Boy Scout Leader Training:
January 12, 16, and 26, 2016 @ 6 pm - 8:30 pm at Our Redeemer Lutheran Church on Magnolia
Link to Flyer and Registration Form
Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation:
Intro to Outdoor Leadership Skills (2 Parts)

Important Training Links

Pulling a Tour Plan?

2015 Guide To Safe Scouting - This is required to pull a tour plan!

Going to a High Adventure camp this year? Your trek leader will need Wilderness First Aid

Wilderness First Aid Training

Yup, since he got "trained", he lets us run the Troop ourselves!

Leaders aren't born, they are made. And they are made just like anything else, through hard work. And that's the price we'll have to pay to achieve that goal, or any goal.
--Vince Lombardi